What the Experts Say About iGroom

Barbara Prueckel, Canada

Groomteam Canada member, owner of Mastergroom Canada, top groomer in Canada, EGA & USA Judge, International Speaker

I’ve had the pleasure to use the iGroom line of shampoos over the last few weeks, and I am incredibly impressed! I’m especially in love with the Vavoom shampoo. It works so well on drop coats and scissored breeds- makes my life so much easier. Thank you to Jen & Alex for taking the time and effort to create this awesome line of grooming products that you can feel good about using in your salon.

Chris Pawloski & Judy Hudson, USA

Grooming Professors, International well-known grooming judge and speaker

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Jackie Boulton, Canada

NO. 1 groomer in Canada in the ring, Multiple Best In Show and Best All Around Groomer Winner, 2018 Best International Pet Stylist Winner

"I like the light fragrance of all the products and charcoal shampoo cleans well and the conditioner is great. I used it on my mini and I am going to keep using it for maintenance of her coat. The FREEZE IT hairspray is awesome! It has great hold and dries fast. The fragrance s are lovely and not overpowering."


Kathy Rose, USA

Groomteam USA Board Director, Barkleigh Grooming Competition Coordinator

"I love the Boost in the can! It is perfect” “Also, the Shape It is AMAZING!” “I must have more. Especially the Gloss it!!!”

Sergio Villasanti, Brazil

Grooming Industry Legend, International Grooming Speaker and Judge, Veterinarian, Champion Bichon Breeder, International Grooming Champion winner

TRANQUILITY. Tranquility is the right word to define what I feel using IGROOM products in my presentations and seminars. Tranquility to know that my work will be impeccable, the tranquility of knowing that I will achieve an excellent finalization, and especially that I will be able to have a natural appearance in the coat of my models. Quality products leaving a natural look, everything a groomer needs.

Lori Kelly, USA

American Scottie Club President, Champion Scottie Breeder

Just tried iGroom’s Charcoal & Keratin shampoo. Couldn’t be happier with this product. Gentle to the skin, “Clean” ingredients and fragrant free, especially pleased with results. My Scottie’s furnishings never felt cleaner! What’s more, made in USA.

Denys Lorrain, France & Italy

EGA (European Groom Association) Vice President, International Judge and Speaker, Lakeland Terrier Champion Breeder

I had the great opportunity to have a few of the IGroom products to work within a seminar in Asia and After many years using the best ones for the results I needed, I found a very nice formula on those IGroom ones! How to prepare the coat for shaping, manage difficult texture, help your technique to excel in various situations and much more about for achieving the best work for your four-legged clients!! I have enjoyed the nicest results that I was expecting from and I m glad on the same way to know that we have these new fantastic luxury items on the market.

Cheryl Percell, USA

Formal Groomteam USA Coordinator, Kerry Blue Terrier Breeder, Westminster Winner, International Judge and Speaker

Got the opportunity a couple weekends ago to try out a great new product called iGroom from Jennifer Lee. Here is the magic detangler that I got to use on a tangled Bedlington today. Check out the video below:

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Ana Beatriz Knoll, Brazil

FCI International All Breed Judge, Champion Regdoll Breeder, Afghan Hound Breeder

I used the Gloss it and I loved the product. I tested in my afghan hound. She had some tangles on the coat. I used spray on the wet coat. It worked very well and I liked the essence is very good!

Jessica Min, South Korea

Seoul Art College Professor, FCI Judge, KKF Judge, International Judge and Speaker

쓰면쓸수록 맘에드는 igroom 빨리 한국에들어오면좋겠당 다른 볼륨스프레이보다 훨씬 좋다 셋업스프레이도 써봐야하는데 바쁘다ㅠ 빨리푸들셋팅해봐야징IGroom셋업 스프레이 써보기 살짝만뿌렸는데 쫙 서버리네 뭉침없이 잘붙는거 첨본다 아직 아가라서 힘이없을줄알았는데 대박이다 한가할때 울 루비함 세워봐야징 근데ㅠ 바쁘당ㅎ

The more I use it the more I like it. I hope iGroom products can be sold in Korea soon. It's much better than the other volume spray. I love to use the iGroom Aerosol Spray. Tried this Awesome iGroom spray called, Freeze It. I love it so much. I never saw something that works well even on baby's coat and it is not sticky at all. To me so far iGroom's sprays are JACKPOT! I will try on my girl, Ruby next time.

Catherine Opson, USA

Groomteam USA member, Multi Best In Show and Gold Medals winner

Can't say enough great things about this shampoo and conditioner!! Not only did it have the coat soft and silky, this was the last dog I bathed of 9 that day. My hands were staring too feel dry itchy and cracked. After bathing her I planned to put lotion on. Well, I totally forgot to put lotion on and a couple hours later thought about how my hands weren't dry and itchy anymore. Amazing! Contact Jennifer Lee about trying it out!!

Amy Wu, China

Petstone Grooming School Principle, International Speaker, International Grooming Competition Winner, Champion Bichon Breeder

During the shampooing process, iGROOM shampoo exuded such fresh and natural smells. The shampoo was very easy to rinse. The conditioner is water based and no silicon in it, so it was very easy to be absorbed. After using iGROOM shampoo and conditioner, the drying time was reduced so much, and the matted area was combed through easily. The coat was so fluffy, soft and delicate. I really like it!!

Jayne Gallagher, USA

Grooming Competition Gold Medal Winner, 20 Year Grooming Experiences

iGroom will surprise the most discerning pet professional with outstanding results. Each shampoo has a scent that is an aromatic delight! The exhilarating smells are so long-lasting and pleasant without being overpowering. These quality products were designed to be safe for both pets and professionals without compromising effectiveness and iGroom does not disappoint! My personal favorite is the Charcoal and Keratin shampoo and conditioner which will leave any coat type feeling healthy and luxurious. Their Magic Boost Spray is magnificent and leaves zero residues. I am so thrilled with iGroom products and I wholeheartedly recommend them as the most exciting product in the pet care industry. These products have raised the bar of excellence for everyone!

Mitchell Waygood Icmg, Australia

Groomteam Australia Member, Grooming Competition Judge, Professional Pet Stylist

A very nice shampoo range to use for pets and show dogs and also competitive grooming competition dogs love the clean smell and how the shampoo cleans really well and is gentle on dogs skin and also my skin.

Leslie Dover, USA

Best First Time In Show Winner, Professional Pet Stylist

I tried her new shampoo line iGROOM. No better dog to judge the results on than my own. She's had hundreds of baths but hands down iGROOM have been the absolute best shampoo I have used on Skittles. So many things to say about it, but I am most in love with the finish I was able to get on her and how well she still smells hours later! This was the first time I truly felt I was able to fluff her correctly, completely, and the dry time was noticeably faster... it was amazing!

Even if you think you have tried it all, give this a shot. I am in love! it's amazing!!!  5 stars from Skittles and I!

Shayla Knipe, Australia

Groomteam Australia Member, Multi Gold Medals Winner, Scottie Breeder

I used iGroom products to prep my dogs for the Australian Grooming Championships on my American cocker and Scottish terrier. I was impressed and fell in love with the volumizing shampoo, and spays and of course the texture chalks for my terrier their coats came out amazing and so shiny. We placed 1st with both dogs and also won groups and RU Australian champion. Thank you iGroom.

Phyllis Dignam, USA

Champion Westie Breeder, Psychology Doctor, PhD

The products are wonderful, especially the Boost It Texture and Shape It spray. They are much more effective than anything else I have tried.