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What the Experts Say


I’ve had the pleasure to use the iGroom line of shampoos over the last few weeks, and I am incredibly impressed! I’m especially in love with the Vavoom shampoo. It works so well on drop coats and scissored breeds- makes my life so much easier. Thank you to Jen & Alex for taking the time and effort to create this awesome line of grooming products that you can feel good about using in your salon.

Barbara Prueckel, Groomteam Canada member, Owner of Mastergroom Canada, Top Groomer in Canada, EGA & USA Judge, International Speaker

"I like the light fragrance of all the products and charcoal shampoo cleans well and the conditioner is great. I used it on my mini and I am going to keep using it for maintenance of her coat. The FREEZE IT hairspray is awesome! It has great hold and dries fast. The fragrance s are lovely and not overpowering."


Jackie Boulton, Canada, Number One Groomer in Canada in the Ring, Multiple Best In Show and Best All Around Groomer Winner, 2018 Best International Pet Stylist Winner

“I love the Boost in the can! It is perfect” “Also, the Shape It is AMAZING!”  “I must have more. Especially the Gloss it!!!”

Kathy Rose, USA, Groomteam USA Board Director, Barkleigh Grooming Competition Coordinator

TRANQUILITY. Tranquility is the right word to define what I feel using IGROOM products in my presentations and seminars. Tranquility to know that my work will be impeccable, the tranquility of knowing that I will achieve an excellent finalization, and especially that I will be able to have a natural appearance in the coat of my models. Quality products leaving a natural look, everything a groomer needs.

Sergio Villasanti, Brazil, Grooming Industry Legend, International Grooming Speaker and Judge, Veterinarian, Champion Bichon Breeder, International Grooming Champion Winner
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